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Jose Miguel Alquijay

I am a tireless seeker of knowledge, occassional purveyor of wisdom and also, coincidentally, a graphic designer living in Guatemala and working with clients from all over the world since 8 years ago.

Owner of datakraftguatemala and IT manager for SnowMango in Canada.

Seeing the web evolve everyday in so many ways keeps it all to exciting and fresh, and being able to communicate effectively the connection between the provider and the user via this captivating medium makes it all that much more exciting. What can I say... I Love It!


Volda university college (norway)2009-2011

Graphic Design and Media Production

Studying all aspect of Graphic Design Including Advertising Design, Branding, Copywriting, Exhibition Design, Ilustration, Information Design, Packaging Design and Website Design

SAN CARLOS UNIVERSITY (Guatemala)2001-2005

Electronic Enegeering

Studying Electronics and Computer Engeering, including general electric and electronic devices and equipment.

My Skill Set
  • Photoshop
  • Ilustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • CMS´s
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

snowmangoAug 2010 - PRESENT

Graphic Designer And IT Director

IT educator, software designer, custom programming for applications, loves a challenge, HTML5, Java, XHTML, Flash, CSS, PHP , custom web application development, e-commerce, content publishing & management tools, Flash animation and action-scripting.

datakraftguatemala SeP 2008 - Present

General Manager

Director and Owner of datakraftguatemala, software and web design company in Guatemala and Central America. Marketing, Advertisement, Web Design, Graphi Design, Social Network Campaigns.

More about datakraftguatemala HERE (información en español)..

Latest Work (check our facebook page for more work)
Why We Should Work Together
  • When working with most web companies, you have to choose between a company that is technically proficient or one that has a solid foundation in design fundamentals.

    We believe being grounded in both disciplines allows SnowMango to better serve clients without compromise and to better understand the problem at hand.
What I do besides Web?
  • Music LOVER. I can not see life without music.
  • Chess addict.
  • I am a positive optimistic character at heart and like a good challenge. I enjoy playing football, baseball, hiking on my time off when I’m not: reading boooks, paying bills, exploring business, relaxing on the beach, having a beer with the boys.